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Blender Tutorial – Importing a Rig (A Model with an Armature Connected) and Linking Actions

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This tutorial shows how to import a model rig into a Blender file. Because you bringing in a model from a Blender file into a Blender file the process is not importing but appending.

The example models are all uv mapped to CubeeCraft templates that can be downloaded from –


Key Points –

The starting file has a character rig model and stored animation actions.

File menu – Append, go to the folder and find the file with the model to be imported.

Click the file to go into it, click the ‘object’ folder to go into it.

Hold down shift and select all the mesh body parts and the armature.

Blender renames the imported armature and mesh body parts but this does not affect the functionality of the model.

The actions in the file can be easily linked to the imported model by opening a Dopesheet window, going into Action Editor mode and selecting an action.

The start file and end file can be downloaded from my website –


where you can also find lots of other tutorials and resources.


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