Blender Tutorial Making a 3D Model of an Egg Using Curves, Spin and a Seamless Texture

This Blender tutorial shows how to make a model of an egg. There are several ways you could make the shape of an egg. The method used in this tutorial involves Curves. Bezier curves, often used in vector graphics, are manipulated to create a 2D profile. The profile is spun around to create the 3D shape.

A seamless egg texture is UV mapped to the model. The texture is made from a photo of an egg edited using GIMP (see tutorial by sltexturetutorials on YouTube, link below).

The steps are –

Set up a background image of an egg.
Add a curve (circle).
Delete two of the four control points.
Using snap to grid, arrange the handles so that the curve matches the egg(1).
Adjust the resolution of the curve to give the required smoothness(2).
Convert the curve to mesh.
Use the spin tool to make the 2D profile into a 3D model(3).
Open the egg texture in a UV/image editing window.
UV unwrap the egg selecting sphere projection, scale the projection.
Create a material and texture with appropriate settings.

1. Experiment with the length of the handles to vary the egg shape.
2. Choosing resolution is a compromise between smoothness and polygon count.
3. Things to remember when using the spin tool.
– Top view
– Spins around 3D cursor, make sure it is in the centre (Snap, Shift S)
– Select all (A) before clicking Spin
– Select all again before clicking Remove Doubles
– Mesh menu, Normals, Recalculate Outside

All files used in the tutorial and the finished model can be downloaded from my website –



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