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Blender Tutorial – Modeling a Antique Chair – 1 of 3

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Blender Tutorial – Modeling a Antique Chair – 1 of 3
In this three-part tutorial we will learn how to model a complete 3D Antique Chair that can be used as props in your renders.

Blocking out the overall shapes of our chair along with the detail indents that will house our buttons

Part two will focus on adding even more detail and using the blenders sculpt tools to have control on shaping our chair.
Chair references

And here are some useful shortcuts to save you time in Blender:

Alt + Left click or Middle mouse button = Rotate perspective
Shift + Middle mouse = Pan
5 = Perspective view or Orthographic
A = Select all
S = Scale
G = Grab
E = Extrude
H = Hide
Z = Wireframe
Crt + R = Loop cut tool
C = Circle selection
W = Specials menu
Alt + M = Merge options
F4 = Turn Wire Outline on or off


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