Blender Tutorial – The Low Poly Rocks

Blender Tutorial – The Low Poly Rocks

In this blender tutorial we’re going to see two ways to create rocks. The first method is a fully low-poly rock style and pretty easy to do. And the second method is a cartoonish style with round corners. Im gonna show you both techniques to create low poly rocks and you decide wish one you want to do. Second method around 3.00.

Lowpoly Rock Generator Link:




Part 01 – Scene Set-Up:

Part 02 – Composing:

Part 03 – Low Poly Rocks:

Part 04 – Wooden Boat:

Part 05 – Low Poly Trees & Plants:

Part 06 – Low Poly Skull:

Part 07 – Low Poly Skeleton:

Part 08 – Low Poly Pirate Treasure:

Part 09 – Low Poly Ocean Animation:

Part 10 – Trees Animation:

Part 11 – Low Poly Pirate Treasure Animation:

Part 12 – Low Poly Octopus

Part 13 – Octopus Rig:

Part 14 – Octopus Walking Cycle:

Part 15 – Import to Unity:

Part 16 – Trigger Animations in Unity:

Part 17 – Artificial Intelligence:

Enjoy and feel free to ask any questions you may have, i’ll answer quickly. And don’t forget to like and subscribe. Thank you!

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First tutorial of the Lost In The Sea series:


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