Bootstrap 4 Tutorial #10 – Bootstrap Navs

Hey all, in this Bootstrap 4 tutorial I’ll show you how to create a nav, with the help of some of Bootstrap’s flexbox utility classes.

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30 responses to “Bootstrap 4 Tutorial #10 – Bootstrap Navs”

  1. Question1: py-5 -> in this attribute the 5 value is in which format? I mean is it "rem, em, or px"? and if they are in rem or em or px then how we will change them into another one??

    Question:2 you are using v-4.0.0 and I am using v-4.3.1 and when I made that navbar then it was showing margin-bottom: 0px and your navbar have a bottom margin(almost 3rem) also. so my question is, is this happening because of the different versions?

  2. I am a newbie to web-dev. but why your html codes have an ending forward slash for closing an element that does not require a closing tag such as <imag src="" />

  3. is there something I missed? The tab toggle only works once for each tab..

    Also tried to c/p the example on the bootstrap website but it doesn't seem to work properly..

  4. Wow this one is the newest 🙂 It was just posted today, glad to be the first to comment so I can express my gratitude. I appreciate your effort and I hope that you get what you want in life just like you are helping others with no price 🙂

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