Bootstrap 4 Tutorial [#3] Download Course Files + Project Walkthrough

In this free tutorial video, we walk through the 3 final websites we will build.

Download the final course files for free here:

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17 responses to “Bootstrap 4 Tutorial [#3] Download Course Files + Project Walkthrough”

  1. I have coded the entire project 1 and no images show up. I converted them to URLs but that did not work either. What i get is all of the text and the name of the images which shows Carousel is working and running the text of the images across the page but no images are showing up.

  2. Nice Bootstrap tutorials! Could you however do a new series going over Bootstrap 4 with Grunt and Compass? Editing files, keeping BS up to date while keeping your changes, and also working with Compass and Grunt. The Bootstrap 4 Gruntfile.js looks super confusing!

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