bootstrap grid tutorial explained – part 1

What are Bootstrap grid classifications tutorial explained-part 1; Know display width segments by Learning Simplified

In this tutorial, we have sneaked into Bootstrap css and find the different categories of device width recognized by Bootstrap.
we have initiated grids analysis that we will explain furthermore as we advance through the videos. This part and coming up more
are key to the success in Mobile responsive web Design as analysis on this css framework will let you have more flexibility in
your design. We discussed following points in this tutorial:

1) What is Bootstrap container?
2) Analogy of Bootstrap container with the HTML table
3) Bootstrap device width detection process
4) column class names used for larger preview, medium preview, small and extra-small previews.

We precisely discussed on each segment of this frontend framework. Hope this will aid you in a much better way as it should. Another thing, as we mentioned previously, keep watching this video and the immediately following ups till end, don’t skip or curtail as these info will be very useful in keeping track of the later parts of Bootstrap tutorial.

Thank you for watching us in advance.
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