Bootstrap tutorial 6 – Nesting the grid

In this tutorial I show you how to put a grid inside of a grid, this is called “nesting a grid” but it really should be called “Grid inception”

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39 responses to “Bootstrap tutorial 6 – Nesting the grid”

  1. should you have 1 container for every page or many containers for every row of your page..cant find any tuts on spacing out the rows you just use css margin-top etc , to stack rows on top of each other and space the content out?

  2. Inception does not mean recursion or nesting. Even though the movie "Inception" dealt with dreams within dreams, it was referring to placing an idea in someones head. It was talking about the inception, or starting point of the idea.

  3. Reading these things on tutorial sites and watching someone explaining these things to you are two different experiences. Thank you for providing clarity on this , looking forward to learning more from you ….Also i can hear that fellow South African Accent

  4. Instead of messing with adding a row inbetween a parent and class, why not just overwrite the padding parameter directly within the div and avoid all the headaches if one wants to achieve that effect?

  5. These are very helpful tutorials. I've read and heard many times that building websites with Bootstrap is easy and fast, but that has not been my experience. I have struggled with understanding how it works and creating my site to look the way I want it to within the Bootstrap framework. It seems like every time I try to do the simplest thing with the site it either doesn't work or lots of other parts of the site "break". You are clearing up a lot of issues for me, Quentin. Thanks for putting this series together and making it easy to understand.

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