Build A Meditation App With Javascript HTML & CSS!

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I am super excited to bring you another vanilla javascript project that we are going to build from scratch!

We will be creating a meditation/ambient sounds app that a user can enjoy by picking the amount of time to listen to and choose different ambient sounds.

We will take a look at working and manipulating music and video with javascript and how to build out a timer.
Feel free to add this project to your portofolio if you wish!

Lets build out a meditation app with html css and javascript!

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📕 Things covered in this video:

-Working with audio tag and video tag in HTML
-How to change sounds with javascript
-Manipulating video with javascript
-Creating a javascript project for your portofolio

📔 Materials used in this video:

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🎵 Music:

LAKEY INSPIRED – Me 2 (Feat. Julian Avila)
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Dj Quads
Track Name: “Every Morning”
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