Can You Make Decent Money Editing Photos or Videos on Fiverr?

To save you some time, you probably won’t make decent money editing photos on Fiverr; however, if you have some experience editing videos, then you could start bringing in some extra cash every month. This video shows you exactly how it’s done.

If you’re familiar with the popular YouTube channel for photographers Mango Street, then you might recognize this fellow. Daniel Inskeep — who runs Mango Street with his wife Rachel Gulotta — has launched a new channel under his own name with the goal of educating viewers about online business and personal finance. As he puts it himself, he’s not a finance guru and just wants to offer no-nonsense advice about making money online. In this video — his first practical video on the channel — he gives himself one month to see if he can make money on one of the most popular freelancing platforms on the internet, Fiverr. It’s well known as a fiercely competitive marketplace where prices get driven down as far as they can go because of its global scale, so it’s interesting to see how he approaches it. 

I have actually made some money editing photos on Fiverr. It’s certainly not worth quitting my day job, though, as in general, buyers are there to look for the cheapest option possible. However, I did have a couple of decent-paying jobs, so if you don’t invest a massive amount of time and effort into it, the extra cash is handy.

Have you tried making money on Fiverr? 

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