• Tuesday , 7 April 2020

Canon EOS R Versus the 5D Mark IV: Which Is the Better Choice for Videographers?

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The brutal crop when shooting 4K might be a decisive factor for a lot of filmmakers when considering whether to buy the EOS R, but for many it’s a solid option at a good price. How does it compare to its DSLR equivalent, the 5D Mark IV? This video aims to find out.

Parker Walbeck and his team of videographers give a comprehensive comparison of the EOS and the 5D Mark IV, creating a compelling list of reasons why the R is arguably the better option, especially if you’re a videographer. Of course, there are a number of disadvantages, such as the single card slot, but whether that offsets other aspects such as the difference in price and the selection of lenses makes it a tricky choice.

While I hate bringing up this rather tired discussion, in watching this video a year after the release of the EOS R, it strikes me as even more of a mystery as to why Canon chose not to include dual slots. With Nikon making the same compromise and having the Sony a7 III as the most obvious competitor, it seems like it would have been worth the extra space and cost. The 4K crop would feel one flaw rather than part of a list of potentially decisive shortcomings.

Whichever you choose, it’s worth noticing that now is a great time to buy, with seasonal discounts knocking $500 off the R, and $600 off the Mark IV. Ridiculous.

If you were buying today, which would you prefer? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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