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  • Read files on LaCie Drive using Linux: XFS Filesystem

        So it happened!!! My Lacie Networkspace 2 NAS blew up in a firey display worthy of the 4th of July. Well, not really but it did stop working and or course I didn’t have a back up. So what to do? Plug it in to a linux machine and pray that I could […]

  • Cron Jobs In Plesk 12 Not Working: How To Fix Cron Jobs

    So you’ve found that it is impossible to run your scheduled / cron tasks from a Parallel’s subscription, sometimes resulting in having to create the task from the main hosting control panel and running them as root, right? You assume the correct thing to do would be run each domain’s individual tasks from their own […]

  • How To Fix Postfix Temporary Lookup Failure

    Ok, after FINALLY recovering from a horrible Plesk desaster, I got this error: postfix temporary lookup failure – what the hell is that???? Here’s how I fixed it: First of all you’ll need to know if your getting this error, so check: # cat /var/log/mail.log Error: open database /var/spool/postfix/plesk/transport.db: Invalid argument Have a look through […]