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  • Photography Opinions That We Should Burn

    I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but the photography community is an opinionated bunch, and to make matters worse, there are a lot of people outside of the community who are opinionated about it too! So, let’s take the edge off by sharing the worst photography opinions and why they should be condemned to history. […]

  • Introducing the New NIKKOR Z 135mm f/1.8 S Plena

    One of the ongoing mysteries on the Nikon rumor sites has been answered. And it comes in the form of the new NIKKOR Z 135mm f/1.8 S Plena. When rumors of a new Nikon product with the word “plena” associated with it started to bubble up a few months ago, it was anybody’s guess what […]

  • 11 Ways I Maintain Focus and Productivity as a Professional Photographer

    Concentration and focus are among the most crucial skills to master as a freelancer and photographer. Being productive in your workspace is the key to gaining an edge over others when it comes to the basics. In this article, I have collected 11 of my best hacks for maintaining daily productivity. 1. Prioritize Planning and […]

  • How I Broke My Favorite Lens and Then Fixed It Again All by Myself

    The focusing ring on my favorite lens had been stiff for a while and finally, it failed completely. I decided to take the lens apart and see if I could fix it myself. Of course, it wasn’t that easy. My most treasured lens is a Helios 44M-4, a slightly less desirable member of the Helios […]

  • We Review Luminar Neo: Is It Worth Your Investment?

    I was intrigued to try Luminar Neo from Skylum. I’ve installed and used most of the image-editing software on the market except this app. Is it an app worth investing in? People shout online about Skylum’s Luminar Neo. Although I have used a wide variety of different software, and several programs are in my workflow, […]

  • The Full Frame Cult Is Getting Tiring

    I wish we’d all just move on. The format that used to be a compromise between image quality and price in the film days is nowadays being taken as the sole possibility for a serious photographer, and if you are not part of the gang, you apparently deserve to be ridiculed. It’s Getting Old Can […]

  • Why Cheap Clients Will Bury You: The False Economy of Anything Over Nothing

    When you first start monetizing your photography or videography, you may quickly fall into the desperate scramble for jobs, particularly if you’re looking to do it full-time. There is an issue that arises if you aren’t selective with your work going forward, however, and it can be seriously damaging. I had never planned on being […]

  • Things To Watch Out for When Choosing the Best Tripod for Your Photography

    A tripod is a vital tool for many photographers. There is a wide range of tripods available in every price range. You can invest as little as fifty dollars or go as high as fifteen hundred dollars. There are some things to watch out for, regardless the price range. A tripod serves as a crucial […]

  • Nikon Officially Announces the Full Frame Nikon Zf: We Go Hands On With the New Camera

    Nikon may have just announced my dream camera for street and travel photography. I am a career long Nikonian as I have mentioned several times in this column. I’ve been using Nikon cameras professionally for almost 20 years and rarely reach for anything else when a big job is on the line.  Of course, as […]

  • We Review the Kandao QooCam 3: Third Time’s the Charm

    While 360 cameras haven’t quite entered the mainstream for most photographers, Kandao’s QooCam 3 makes a solid case why they should: Kandao’s third entry into its QooCam lineup is a solid 360 action camera at a bargain price. Kandao provided me with a QooCam 3 for this review, and to start, I’ll get the elephant […]