Chain Rigging Maya

In this video I show a script I wrote to quickly create rigged chains from nurbs curves in maya.


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  1. hey Stefan, when i select the curve and press "create from selected curve", i only get this warning, and nothing else happens:
    select -r follicle1|curve1 curve2 ;
    # Error: Cannot evaluate more than one attribute.
    # Traceback (most recent call last):
    #   File "<maya console>", line 1, in <module>
    #   File "<maya console>", line 35, in createChain
    # RuntimeError: Cannot evaluate more than one attribute. # 

    i have maya 2012 OS Win7

  2. Thank you for sharing this its exacly what i need but i have a question man. Imanaged to install the script and added it to my shelf, it runs fine but cant find the preset file when i click on load Link Preset. i have the preset file in mayas default projects folder. Im running maya 2014 on a mac OSX 10.7 another question is,is it possible  to use this script with a chain link i modeled myself?  again thank you for your time

  3. You can select any curve vertex and apply a transform constraint (nConstraints > transform)
    That should give you the desired effect.
    Regarding the round/oval thing: On that version the script only calls that one file sorry, you can model the chain link to be round however and it should still work fine. I just didnt came to build the round one yet.

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