Coffee cup ☕ mockup- Short Photoshop Tutorial for beginners

In this video I will show you how to mockup coffee cup in photoshop 2022

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20 responses to “Coffee cup ☕ mockup- Short Photoshop Tutorial for beginners”

  1. This tutorial should have been the start of the video, then comes the Red X.
    Pro tips for you:
    1. Turn the pattern layer into Smart Object, otherwise later on, if you want to upscale the pattern, you won't be able to retrieve it's original resolution.
    2. Use layer mask instead of deleting the rest of the pattern. Otherwise, if later on you decided to shift the layer a little bit to the left, you wouldn't have the original information to work with.
    3. You could use some distortion at the end to match the geometry of the mug, to achieve professional result.

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