• Saturday , 30 May 2020

Community shares #MyOpenStory on Twitter

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Going into this October—our Most Open Month—the goal was pretty simple: We wanted more first-time contributors than any other month in our history. Although we’re already well on our way to meeting that goal, we wanted to give even more people a chance to share their stories. And thus, #MyOpenStory was born:

Just 24 hours into the campaign, we were blown away by the results. More than 100 Twitter users have shared their stories with #MyOpenStory so far, and dozens more showed their support with responses, favorites, and retweets. To celebrate this incredible show of support from our Twitter community, I’ve rounded up some highlights from our #MyOpenStory campaign from the past week.

Like so many of us, these open source users got started scratching an itch:

Frustration with other operating systems was a factor for these users:

This group enjoys the freedom that open source software offers:

These two were lucky enough to be exposed to open source software in school:

This group was even luckier—they were able to turn their open source experiences into careers:

I definitely wanted to know more after seeing this tweet from Jonas Öberg, executive director of Free Software Foundation Europe:

Last, but certainly not least, seeing how the open source way inspires and influences the work of so many is pretty neat:

Inspired by these great stories and want to share your own? Tweet using #MyOpenStory, submit your article idea, or post a comment below.

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