cracked face disintegration | photoshop tutorial cs6/cc

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In this video tutorial you learn how to make crack face and how to give disintegration effect learn more about blending effect and selection in photoshop cc 2015.5
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18 responses to “cracked face disintegration | photoshop tutorial cs6/cc”

  1. You are least generous,,, spread knowledge and blv you'll get enlighten… either you are cunningly smart, Anyway thanx for the effort. Hope my other friends wud not like to see you again. ciao

  2. I see that all the messages that people have made in Picture Fun do not respond.
    The explanation of the tutorial is impossible to follow, it is too fast …. A case do not want to say how it is done ??
    Could you do it again step by step?
    I hope the answer Picture Fun ….

  3. This also isnt a "Tutorial" . . you started with like 6 steps alreadey done. . you go super fast, and its just crappy music in the background. . this dosent help anyone out. . you just want veiws for your crappy work. . .so lame

  4. Do you really want to "Teach" this, or just show off at your super high speed supposed tutorial? If you want to make a difference you should actually "talk" instead of playing background music explaining what you click, etc, and GO SLOW. So thumbs down.

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