Create a Beautiful COLOR GRADE in Photoshop Using Selective Color

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create beautiful color grades in Photoshop.

We will work on two projects where we will apply a color grade to a photo.

We’ll start by applying a blue, cold, color grade to this photo. And we will then move on to a second example where you will learn to apply a warm tone color grade.

You will also learn a ton of useful tips and tricks along the way, such as creating a solar flare with a Gradient Fill.

The goal of this tutorial is to show you how you can apply any color grade that you want with the Selective Color Adjustment layer.

📘 INDEX – How To Color Grade in Photoshop

01:47 – Apply a Cool Blue Color Grade Effect in Photoshop
05:52 – Remove the Color Grade from the Skin Tone
08:30 – Make The Background Darker
11:07 – Change Colors With The Hue / Saturation Adjustment

15:33 – Apply a Warm Orange Color Grading Effect in Photoshop
16:15 – Create a Solar Flare with a Gradient Fill layer
18:36 – Washed Out Effect


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