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Create a Bird-Dog System to Get New Customers Without Finding Them Yourself, in 3 Easy Steps

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A bird-dog system is simply an incentive program where you give a reward to your current customers for going out and “fetching” new customers for you. If you have not created a bird-dog system yet, you should develop one for each business you have. Read on to find out how to get customers without doing the work yourself.

By having your current, enthusiastic customers bring in new clients for you, not only do they do the work for you, but personal recommendations are much more powerful than recommendations from a marketer.

Here are 3 easy steps that you need to follow if you want to develop a successful bird-dog system in your business model:

1. The offer to the prospect must be something unique that they can only get from the bird-dog. Maybe they get a huge discount on their first visit if they mention the person’s name, or they get a free gift if they become a new customer through a particular bird-dog

2. The bird-dog must get a reward that has a high enough value that they will go out of their way to go find new people to bring back to your business. Look at the lifetime value of a new customer. You may be able to give away more than you think, and still come out ahead by gaining a new customer. Some apartment complexes give out $250-$500 to current tenants that bring in new people.

3. There needs to be a call to action for both parties. You want the bird-dog to go out and get new clients ASAP, and you also want the new client to visit your business immediately. Add an expiration date, or a certain weekend where those are the only dates the special offer will apply.

Try to integrate a bird-dog system into each part of your business where you want another source for new customers. You won’t have to find them yourself, and they will walk right in to your business.

Joshua Black, http://ezinearticles.com/expert/Joshua_Black/286231

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