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Creating 3D Models Using Blender

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Blender 3D is a powerful open source program for creating 3D models and objects. Although it is freely distributable, it is not in any way inferior to many high end commercial 3D modeling and animation programs. In fact, in the modelling department, it is surprisingly fast and intuitive to use compared to many commercial programs of the similar type.

There are two main ways of creating 3D models in Blender 3D.

The first method is by modifying from existing objects and primitives. These included tools in the Add function such as NURBS surfaces and meshes. From these objects we apply various operations. Two very useful functions are Extrude and Knife Cut. Extrude is performed by pressing the E Key on the keyboard. Knife Cut is performed by using the K Key.

The second method of building 3D models is from using curves, paths, edges and vertices. This method may employ techniques such as extruding vertices, creating faces, revolving using Spin, extrude along path or curve. A quick way to create face is by pressing the F key once the respective edit points has been selected.

For precision modelling, we can use the Snap to Grid mode. This is done by holding the Ctrl Key while snapping points. One can also use direct numerical inputs as well.

When doing 3D modelling in Blender, it is important to understand the properties of Object & Edit Mode. We will need to toggle between this two modes very often.

These fundamentals in 3D modeling are not only applicable to Blender 3D. In fact, it is valid for most other 3D applications as well. The processes are similar, only the specific keys and commands are different.

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