Critique the Community Seamless Background

Seamless backgrounds can be used to create a wide variety of images in the studio. Do you feel like you’ve mastered how to use them? Put your best work in front of the community now and see what they think. 

Over the next week, we encourage you to choose your best two images taken on a seamless background and submit them in this episode of Critique the Community. We will select twenty images from the submissions to provide feedback to on video. Two entrants will win a free Fstoppers tutorial. The first will be chosen based on the highest average rated community image and the second will be chosen at random. 

The goal of these contests is to give each participant the opportunity to improve their own photography based on the helpful and encouranging feedback of others. We invite everyone to scroll through the submissions and assign them a fair number rating based on the Fstoppers rating scale. The easiest way to do this is to use your number and keypad. You can also leave comments on each image when you see a particular way the image can be improved. 

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