CSS Grid or Bootstrap 4 in 2018?


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Should you learn BootStrap 4 or CSS Grid in 2018? CSS layout has a tradition of being tough to master. So Bootstrap and other CSS grid system were created to make it easier.

Finally though, CSS itself has addressed the issue with CSS Grid. So which one to learn in 2018 and WHEN should you learn one or the other?


Check out information on the CSS Grid:

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23 responses to “CSS Grid or Bootstrap 4 in 2018?”

  1. Great video. I am actually in the middle of creating a new WordPress website and I was hesitating between using underscore/understrap or the genesis framework. The genesis framework from what I saw has the CSS grid system. Now if I'll decide to go with genesis I still don't know if I should keep the CSS grid or remove it and implement the bootstrap 4? What do you recommend? Thanks.

  2. css grid is really great. I really like it. For example, one thing you can do in grid, is actually get a real piece of grid paper, and draw your website. Then you can take that design and create a webpage from it. It's a doddle once you get past the initial learning curve. I wouldn't design a website any other way these days. The older browsers can't handle it, which my response to that is – update your browser. It's like you have an old car, and the gas station stopped selling your petrol…tough. Get a new car.

  3. Sorry, yes i know this about comparison between css framework and css style (css grid).
    If i may ask you, what is better to learn now, php framework (laravel) or js framework lika angular react and vue? Thank you mate.

  4. Working in a tech company flexbox knowledge is more of less expected as core knowledge now for building responsive sites, to the point where old float designs are an antipattern. And given it is pretty much supported by all active browsers >ie11. In 2019/20 I would strongly recommend flexbox knowledge as part of the core css knowledge. And likely as IE11 dies css grid will become a standard tool in the next 2-3 years. Bootstrap will just be a skin like Material UI.

  5. Thank you so much for this video. With graduation looming, the long list of languages, libraries, frameworks etc. overwhelms and puts me in a panic. Especially when reading job posts. I have been trying to learn too many things lately when I really need to get back to the basics and master them instead. It is nice to hear words from people with much experience!

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