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December review: Top 10 and editor's picks

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Happy New Year! Before we dive into 2016, let’s quickly look back on Opensource.com in 2015.

  • 1,103 articles published (in 2014: 858)
  • 305 articles by Community Moderators (in 2014: 162)
  • 260 new writers (in 2014: 192)
  • 7,908,214 total page views (in 2014: 4,698,198)

And now for a closer look at December 2015:

Opensource.com blew away all previous traffic records in December, with 819,553 page views, which beat our previous record of 756,947 set in November (which had been an impressive leap over the 692,826 page view record set in June 2015).

The Opensource.com community published 90 articles in December, including 22 articles in our first Open Source Yearbook. We also ran our annual Best of Opensource.com series.

We welcomed 17 new authors, and 66% of our content was contributed by members of the open source community. Our amazing team of community moderators contributed 28 articles (31% of our total content).

In December, The Open Org team revealed The Open Organization Field Guide, a community-produced companion to The Open Organization. Download this free resource, which includes stories from the trenches and tales from folks working to implement open organizational principles.

Find out what’s coming up in our Opensource.com January preview.

December highlights


Editor’s Pick 6

Here are six articles you might have missed in December:

  1. Practical guide for avoiding burnout and living a happier life—by Jono Bacon
    As open source fans, we tend to spend a lot of time curled up in front of our computers. Community moderator Jono Bacon shares what he’s learned about how to avoid burnout.
  2. 10 projects to fork in 2016—by Jason Baker
    You might call this list our 2015 Open Source Yearbook picks for most likely to succeed in 2016.
  3. Glass Half: The latest open movie from the Blender Institute—by Jason van Gumster
    At last year’s Blender Conference, the Blender Institute released its latest open movie project, Glass Half. Learn more about the making of this movie, and watch the full short (3-minute) animation.
  4. 10 cool tools from the Docker community—by Mano Marks
    The director of developer relations at Docker, Inc. rounds up 10 projects created by the Docker community that have advanced the developer experience.
  5. Internet access and privacy with FreedomBox—by Subhashish Panigrahi
    One of our community moderators tells us what he learned about FreedomBox, a personal server that allows you to use the Internet privately or in locations that have bad or no Internet connection.
  6. A fresh start thanks to LinuxCon —by Carla Berjano
    First-time contributor Carla Berjano shares the story of how she got started using Linux, and how she attended LinuxCon in Dublin with the help of a diversity scholarship.

Top 10 articles published in December

  1. Top 10 open source projects of 2015—by Jen Wike Huger
  2. SSH into your Christmas tree with Raspberry Pi—by Anderson Silva
  3. Dear parents: Let your kids use open source software—by Jim Salter
  4. Top 5 open source frameworks every application developer should know—by John Esposito
  5. 6 useful LibreOffice extensions—by Italo Vignoli
  6. 5 great Raspberry Pi projects for the classroom—by Ben Nuttall
  7. 5 open source tools for making music—by Jason Baker
  8. 6 creative ways to use ownCloud—by Jos Poortvliet
  9. 5 open source web app alternatives to Google Drive—by Jade Wang
  10. 10 helpful tools for a sys admin’s toolbox—by Ben Cotton

Send us your story idea, and see our 2016 editorial calendar and community columns for more writing opportunities. We’ve rounded up 7 big reasons to contribute to Opensource.com. Got questions? Email us at open@opensource.com, or connect with editors, community moderators, and writers in Freenode IRC at #opensource.com.

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