DELAYED – A Blender 3D Animated Sci Fi Short Film.

I just wanted to update a mistake i made in the credits.
I failed to mention “LasseM” from and barrels he let me use (the Fantastic grey ones)
And the particle systems for the awesome explosions came from another blendswap user: “BC”
You should totally check out all the awesome users from the blender community!

All sound effects and music are from YouTube’s audio library, and can be found there.

Songs listed in order used:
Deep Space 0:00 – 1:53
Atlantis 1:53 – 2:46
Horror13 2:47 – 4:38
SneakySnooper 4:42 – 4:56
YouSoZany 5:00 – 5:16
SportsAction 6:06 – 7:04
*Still trying to find the name of this one* 7:25 – 8:00
OceanFloor 8:14 – 9:28


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