• Saturday , 18 November 2017

Design for 3D Printing – Adding Personalized Text

Code Canyon


It’s easy to make an existing 3D model you own by adding a little text. In this video we cover 2 techniques for adding text, one if the model has flat surfaces, and one if the model is more rounded.

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0:37 Makerfare Robot Action Figure
1:26 Adding text to a flat object
7:02 Wacom Skull Stylus Holder
7:36 Adding text around a curve
12:45 Fixing Boolean gotcha
15:00 Complex object teaser

Feel free to leave your challenges or questions in the comments.

Models from this video:
BIG Maker Faire Robot Action Figure by le FabShop
Wacom Skull Stylus Stand by tanya Wiesner:
Low Polly Hulk by Thomas Davis:


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