Double Exposure Photoshop Tutorial for BEGINNERS

In this tutorial for beginners I show you how to create a double exposure in Photoshop. I have one proven tip for best results when creating this type of double exposures with two or more photos at a time.

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➤ Photos used:
Image 1:
Image 2:

➤ Vintage scratched background:
➤ Flares:

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Epidemic Sound (free trial)

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➤ Chapters:
0:00 Stick around
0:16 You can’t create the effect without these
1:05 Get rid of what you don’t need in your image
1:58 This step is so important
2:29 Control the darkness of specific areas
3:16 Working with the second image
4:39 This trick for scaling is actually one of my favorites
5:27 Correcting black levels
6:18 Proven tip for great double exposures
7:34 A better background will change the final look
9:49 Unveal parts from the model’s face
10:10 Make the hair look better
11:11 Add a special effect to the image
12:09 You can change the color of the background

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26 responses to “Double Exposure Photoshop Tutorial for BEGINNERS”

  1. I can't able to use oil paint effect in photoshop cc 2021 in my case oil paint effect is enable but whenever i use that it show that update the diver please help me how I update the diver for that

  2. Hi Cristi

    Sorry for such a simple question, but how are you resizing your image as I am new to this, and what version of Photoshop are you using as i find that some of the features you are using are not in the same place? I have an Adobe account and get the latest updates.

  3. Very useful tips!
    Regarding the image, I liked a bit more the other two; this one seems a bit too empty and too pink to me. Other silhouettes could be added maybe? And it would be interesting to keep the eyes from the first image visible.
    But it still catches you from the beginning, great edit!

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