Double Exposure Photoshop Tutorial for BEGINNERS

In this tutorial for beginners I show you how to create a double exposure in Photoshop. I have one proven tip for best results when creating this type of double exposures with two or more photos at a time.

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➤ Photos used:
Image 1:
Image 2:

➤ Vintage scratched background:
➤ Flares:

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Epidemic Sound (free trial)

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➤ Chapters:
0:00 Stick around
0:16 You can’t create the effect without these
1:05 Get rid of what you don’t need in your image
1:58 This step is so important
2:29 Control the darkness of specific areas
3:16 Working with the second image
4:39 This trick for scaling is actually one of my favorites
5:27 Correcting black levels
6:18 Proven tip for great double exposures
7:34 A better background will change the final look
9:49 Unveal parts from the model’s face
10:10 Make the hair look better
11:11 Add a special effect to the image
12:09 You can change the color of the background

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