Drawing Programs – A Modern Art of Painting

A drawing program is computer software which people can use to create different kinds of accurate images on a computer screen.

It is also known as vector graphics editor. This tool is usually compared with bitmap editors. The main function of both programs is to balance each other. This program is very useful for page layer, to design graphics, logos and typography. The recent version of this type of drawing program consists of tools that once bitmap editors had.

The main feature of drawing the program is that they mostly support animation. There are many drawing programs produced specially to create animation graphics. Generally, desktop provides drawing software like Adobe Photoshop which is used to design digital paintings.

Nowadays, the advance features are available in these types of programs, which can allow people to design exclusive documents of multiple pages.

For computer assisted drawing, there are many programs available in the market. Maya and Blender are the latest 3D drawing programs which are extensions of the normal 2D programs. They both have some similar tools and concepts.

With the help of simulating light transport, the rendering tools of a drawing program can convert a rough drawing into the actual image easily. The image which appears after the process will be photo realistic image.

An image rendered by such programs will transform light from one place to another and the light will interact with different surfaces.

Images are stored with this program that will be in form of grid or pixels. The color and brightness of an image are recorded by the pixels. Image editors enlarge the image. For editing vector images, the vector graphics software is generally used. Vector images are saved as details of lines, Bezier spleens and text.

These images are really very easy to modify and this feature makes this program very popular among the people.

Source by Murtaza Habib

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