DSLR Light Metering (Matrix, Evaluative, Center weighted, Spot)for Portraits Photography Tutorials

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This video talks about different types of light metering used in your DSLR like Matrix light metering or Evaluative light metering or Spot or center weighted light metering for your correct exposure.

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44 responses to “DSLR Light Metering (Matrix, Evaluative, Center weighted, Spot)for Portraits Photography Tutorials”

  1. Great tutorial…  But just to add on the center metering, some people like to focus on a subject and move the frame to the composition desired.  I think that's the reason why its there on all DSLRs.   

  2. Aspiring photographer here (obviously). Question: On your 3 examples, are you focusing on the darkest spot on the lamp knob, locking the exposure, then composing the image. Or are you composing, focusing on the middle of the frame and then taking the shot? I've exclusively used spot metering with the first method I mentioned (inexperience), regardless of portrait or landscape, but I will try using matrix on my landscape shots. Thanks again sir!

  3. I don't often read too many comments unless I want to ask a question, I read them to check if has already been asked. Imagine how surprised I am to find your ranting reply to I don't know who! Seriously, ignore people who annoy you and don't get into a slanging match! It's about the photography only! Thanks for the video. I have one bit of advice – never argue with drunks and idiots, they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience. 🙂

  4. LOL, Evaluative in Canon, Matrix in Canon, and Wide in Sony, maybe that person only has canon and never try other camera. I always shoot center weighted when I shoot flowers close up, because I always put it in the center, beside I always crop it in post processing, what do you think? Should I just use spot metering?

  5. Hi thanks for your videos and tutorials,loved and learning alot from your tutorials,im still a beginner and im using nikon d5200 camera,just want to ask if using the center weighted metering does the camera meter always at the center Even though the my focus point or ring is not in the center or i still need to put my focus point at the center inorder for to meter right? Thanks

  6. your method of teaching photography is perfect. i just got my d5100 and trying to learn photography. so far i:ve learnt a lot from your videos. im mainly interested in portrait indoor and outdoor. could you pls do a video on indoor photography.

  7. What if I use spot metering and I have to re-frame my shot once I focus on the eye of my subject, the camera will meter again. Is there a way to set the camera to keep the exposure settings once you focus?

    By the way, nice videos

  8. I enjoyed the detailed video. Most just tell you what metering is but not how it is used for different situations. I would like to know though if you would recommend spot metering on a family portrait..the background would be a bokeh effect using Christmas lights obviously the family would be several feet away from the background. I'm wondering if spot metering would be too restricted of an area for a group of 3 or more people. So what metering do you think would be best?

  9. Very well explained,it may sound weird but need to know why is it really necessary to use the light metering when the light exposure can be sorted on the software later??
    thanx anyway

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