Easy Mouth Rig || Blender 2.93


Easy Character Modeling:

Gumroad, Discord, and other stuff:

Intro sounds by Samaquias Lorta:

Intro and Summary 0:00

Head 1:05
Mouth 3:10
Eyes 4:36
Teeth 5:16
Armature 6:47
Weight Painting Setup 9:40
Weight Painting 12:17
Auto Normalize 14:37
Teeth Weights 15:59
Bone Constraints 16:43
Closing The Mouth 18:13
Constraints Cont. 18:47
Chewing 19:55
Shape Keys 20:41
Shape Key Drivers 22:45
Constraint Drivers 27:24
Using The Rig 29:26


39 responses to “Easy Mouth Rig || Blender 2.93”

  1. I'm extremely confused because I followed everything the exact same way, yet my bones duplicate as entirely different armatures, I don't have the same parenting options as you, I can't select the entire armature with one click, my head has a shiz ton of random vertex groups and I'm afraid to touch them, and I have no pose mode….. I'm lost, angry, and confused

  2. for some reason the constraints doesn't work for me when i choose armature in the next box i can't finde the bones that i want!
    BTW i'm using meta rig bones and deleted the hol face bones and made something similar to this

  3. Hey Joey. I’ve been going through your tutorials and they are exactly what I’ve been searching for. Thanks so much for the in depth lessons. I’ve been following along with a couple of the character modelling with the skin modifier videos. Just wondering if you could rig a head similarly to this method with the auto rig system that the skin modifier provides?

  4. Thanks Joey, I just stumbled on this video after another, inferior tutorial video. It was so engaging I watched it all, even when it wasn't what I was looking for and my sauna turned off while watching. You should be teacher. Or a narrator, you have a good voice. Cheers.

  5. Question, so im doing this with a different model, and when I parent the armature to the mesh, the mesh gets all messed up. It looks fine in rest pose but I cant move the bones in rest pose. What should I do?

  6. At 9:40 when you parent the head to the armature, I follow your movements and keystrokes exactly but when I click the root bone it doesn't select the full armature like I see it do in the video (where every bone turns orange upon your shift+clicking the root, for me it's only the root). Then nothing shows up under vertex groups. have not proceeded past that part because it seems pretty important!

  7. can you help me with something please? i have full body rig and i following you but is that mean should i give the weight manually to the lower body bones ? because you parent the bones to the object by empty groups and the rig is one part i mean the face bones and the body bones is one part

  8. you are incredible man! no nonsence talking, very clear and so thorough. I started from scrarch with blender two weeks ago and I'm able to create my own charechters with amazing riggs and it's all thanks to you! thank you so much ❤

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