EASY Photoshop Trick! Isolating Lines


Prepping a traditional drawing for use as digital lineart may seem daunting, but these quick tips will have you isolating traditionally-made lines like a pro in no time! Whether you want to color under your lines, or even recolor them to better suit your piece, this method will ensure you spend less time tinkering with settings and more time working on your art.

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35 responses to “EASY Photoshop Trick! Isolating Lines”

  1. Another easier way: do as he says until the inverted selection. Now ctrlC ctrlV to copy and paste the selection only. Now you have a normal layer with the lineart alone! You can delete the original scan! Activate Alpha Lock to color only the lineart, create a new layer under to color the drawing.

  2. This was always fun to do during my photoshop course between projects. Another things you can do in basically any art program is change a black and white drawing to a multiply layer if you can't do this method. Cheers!

  3. Yeah it would help for more info on how to merge traditional pencil with the computer lines. And also on how to cut up your best pencil sketches and put them on one page. Plus the best scanners or ways to upload pencil sketches.

  4. I mean, not a bad trick, but if you're gonna destructively color your lines (Which is reversible with any method btw), is it no easier to block the color pixels of the layer and paint over them directly? Lol (This is also reversible too btw)

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