Enable “X-Ray” to Remove Blemishes in Photoshop!


Easily spot and remove blemishes by using a unique adjustment to make acne or unevenness in the skin stand out. In this lesson, we will learn to create a check layer for blemishes using the Black & White adjustment and learn how to remove multiple spots simultaneously.

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28 responses to “Enable “X-Ray” to Remove Blemishes in Photoshop!”

  1. I will never understand why someone would remove them as a 3d artist. Blemishes and imperfections are what make us humans and plus they add an insane amount of depth to the portrait.

  2. I think you should feel some shame for this video.
    It's not that you shouldn't upload it or make money off of it but you should at least feel bad for doing that. For teaching people to hide who they are and to help propagate the terrible terrible psychological stress this causes.

  3. You're beautiful the way you are Don't cover up- ❣️
    I kind of thought the world was moving away from this type of thing in general. But I guess it's going to take more time. Naturally it's going to stick around probably forever at least a niche.

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