End of Photoshop? ChatGPT Now Edits Photos!


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OpenAI’s ChatGPT can now edit photos, but how good is this and can it compete with professional photo editing applications like Photoshop? In this video, we will test ChatGPT in various photo editing scenarios like color grading, retouching, removing noise, and making the image pop. I hope you enjoy this video. Thank you so much for watching 🙂

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00:00 What’s Going On?
00:22 How to Get It to Work?
00:58 Make it Pop & Color Grading
03:32 Remove Noise
04:07 Brighten & Color Correction
04:40 Portrait Retouching
07:22 Crop and Resize
07:55 Image Editor Plugin
09:21 Conclusion

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28 responses to “End of Photoshop? ChatGPT Now Edits Photos!”

  1. AI produces some fantastic images with far less work on the part of the 'artist', i do prefer the input of the personal touch by the human though and therefore will be sticking to photoshop.

  2. We need more videos like this. It calls out the current limitations of Ai technology (which hopefully reduces anxiety around it)…but it also holds hope that it will only improve with our direction (a much more useful mindset than outright rejecting the idea Ai overall). Nice video sir…always reliable with the high quality content! 👏

  3. these models were trained using copyrighted material and intellectual property of thousands of artists, photographers and programmers, plus they are closed, censored and "woke" to the bone: who needs a model who wants to teach "morality" based on a certain ideology to the users? only people stupider than the models itself…

    I predict they will fail soon, sooner than you expect

  4. All this is doing is calling out to web tools chatgpt doesn’t do image editing it just knows what tools it has available and runs the photos through them if the tools suck the tools suck

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