Facegood 4D Facial Animation is Insane


Facegood 4D Facial Animation is Insane

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20 responses to “Facegood 4D Facial Animation is Insane”

  1. Bro I am planning to buy Asus Rog strix g15 advantage edition ryzen 9 rx 6800m my purpose is animation and VFX this is best for my purpose pls comment and recomment some laptops under 2200 dollars pls comment

  2. Iphones can do that if apple allow developers to fully utilize its software! Apple is providing developers the current face tracking SDK which is very limited atm. One day, they might open up freely for developers and this 40k+ tech will be worthless…

  3. Is it so that you need expensive equipment to realize this achievements? Is it possible with a Xbox Kinect as example, to have the same results and with software knowledge to achieve this results?

  4. It always seemed to me that the methods of photogrammetry could be used to recreate the face in 3D with multiple video cameras rather than track the face. I would guess 3 or 4 cameras around the face but for some reason we don't do it that way. Odd. If the camera's relative position are known and doesn't change (as would be the case with a modified mocap helmet) then it seems most objects you put in the center of their tri/quad-optic field would create very accurate normal map.

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