Finally! AI Does IMPOSSIBLE Hair Selection in Photoshop

Can Photoshop’s new “Generative Fill” mask hair from a busy background? In this video, we’ll explore a unique approach and see if we can fix the age-old problem of selecting hair on a complex background, without spending hours brushing the mask manually.

00:00 The New Idea
01:16 Problem with Generative Fill
03:39 Generative Fill with Reference
05:07 Drawbacks with Generative Fill
05:50 More Examples
06:33 Conclusion

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42 responses to “Finally! AI Does IMPOSSIBLE Hair Selection in Photoshop”

  1. thanks Umesh. been waiting for a video like this to see how good the Genera… (they should change the name!) fill thing works. I'll keep playing around based on your findings and testing how it works on different backgrounds. so far i think this is probably the only video out there that on YT that has tried to test the AI from Adobe with complex hair selection. would be interesting on other texture selectins like fur, scales (lol), rocks, water and complex flora back grounds. let's go exploring!!!

  2. You can always mix this tutorial with the last one, the one with the blue channel off, so when you generate fill the new content, you can replace the blue background with that technique and make a transparent background

  3. BTW – Unmesh, if you get the "the images have been removed …." error when you don't use a prompt, then just type a . as the prompt. there's a bug that triggers the filters when there's no prompt. A single ascii character prevents that from happening, and a . or a , won't affect the content generated.

  4. The ability to determine the level of influence the base image has on the generation process using a brush is revolutionary for AI image generation. It allows for designing a smooth transition from a reference image to the AI-generated image, ensuring it aligns perfectly with the desired outcome. Achieving this level of control over the generation process represents a significant advancement in AI image and not only opens up a vast realm of creative possibilities but also allows for harnessing the machine's capabilities to fulfill specific needs, rather than relying solely on its tendency to interpret text prompts and its surrounding visual context.

  5. was following along in beta, and in generative fill with the hair selected, it also changed the nearest eye, even though it's not in the selection area – wasn't that close to the selected area either . . .

  6. Would've to seee a tutorial on making the background blur of a Tiger in wildlife, with lit of grass and shrubs and other items in the background….wanna see if there is some of doing a fine selection ..trued using your hair selection techniques but not quiet successful with a wildlife image…please make a tutorial on this

  7. Has anybody worked out if there's a quick mockup solution with generative AI? Eg if you have a picture of a design, and a picture of a t-shirt can you seamlessly add the exisiting image to the shirt?

  8. The realization that the transparency of your selection allows generative fill to take your selection into account, and at different amounts depending on the transparency percentage, was a game changer for what was already a game changing feature. It honestly unlocks a lot of extra functionality for generative fill which I haven't seen many people talking about. Wish there was a more intuitive way to change the opacity of an existing selection, but using different shades of gray in the quick mask mode is definitely an easy option!

    – Something else you can do that's fun to play around with: Select the entire canvas with an opacity around 40-50% and give it a prompt to change the style of your entire image, like "oil painting" for example. Since you have a transparent selection, generative fill will be able to look at your image and generate an entirely new one that preserves the overall shape and color of your original image, at different intensities depending on the transparency of your selection.

    Edit: Don't know how I missed this, but I just saw Unmesh posted a short showcasing this exact idea a couple weeks ago ^

  9. This still helps a ton for selecting hair and other complex things on busy backgroudns, since it give you a clean backgroudn to base you selection of of.

  10. BEST hint ever… you are my personal hero!!!!!! Thanks Unmesh 🙂 Converting a short hairstyle with the same hair structure into a long hairstyle is not yet done cleanly by the AI… or does it? 😉

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