FINALLY Lightroom + Photoshop. TRANSFORMATIONAL new feature

This new Lightroom Feature integrates with Photoshop in a way we have wanted for years. Open layers as Smart Objects from Photoshop. Colin Smith shows you how to use Photoshop and Lightroom together with unlimited potential.

00:00 What you will learn
00:14 Choosing a different Photoshop Version
01:20 Open As Smart Objects
02:07 How to Edit the Smart Object in Camera RAW
03:05 Edit Smart Object in PS and Hide Background
03:49 Editing Lightroom Masks in Photoshop
04:17 How to Edit the Photoshop Files from Lightroom
05:42 Creating a Nested Smart Object
6:27 How to get my Free Presets
07:18 Accessing Nested Layers
08:10 Recap Workflow
08:43 link to LR classic New Features Video

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38 responses to “FINALLY Lightroom + Photoshop. TRANSFORMATIONAL new feature”

  1. I don’t understand why we would use Lightroom when we have Photoshop with Camera raw. If you want to organize your pictures isn’t better to use Adobe Bridge which is free and specially for that?

  2. This is excellent integration. I would love to see the same integration between Lightroom and Adobe Express. Now I hv to export in Adobe Express to add back to lightroom but losing all the objects added in Adobe Express. So now I have to retain the projects in Adobe Express which will eventually run out of cloud storage space. Further Adobe Express has a non-existent Metadata like Lightroom.

  3. Colin, as always your teaching style is easy to understand and has brilliant workflow advantages…thank you … towards the end, you mention focus stacking of multiple Smart Object layers, are you suggesting manually with masks and maybe Blend Mode? What are your thoughts? thanks

  4. Thanks your for this video. However I'm pretty disappointed by this. I thoguht now there are finally the feature I wantes to have but again, not much new… I wanted to have the ability to have have the edits I've done to the image back in Lightroom after editing in Photoshop.

    Or for example I have edited a file in Lightroom but want to remove something out of the image with content aware fill but access my edits out of Lightroom afterwards.. I cant do that actually because I need a new layer in Photoshop. Really frustrating workflow.

  5. Most of the features have been available for ages, except for the back and forth of camera raw that has been available only for a few years, only use Raw files, smart objects and save in PSB, no size limits and full compatibility with all the other Adobe products, TIFF if needed for eternal compatibility and printing. In PSD/PSB the original after cropping has always been available, now is also available in TIFF.

  6. I don't like to be a negative voice, but my old eyes and ears can't keep up with your rapid fire approach. If you could slow down and explain each step more clearly it would help those of us that are struggling to hang with you.

  7. Not to be d!ck but I was curious if you can show the next steps of finishing up the editing 😅 As soon as you did the shadow adjustment with water you see the water through the boat 🚢 that left me very unsatisfied

  8. Thank you for continuing to show us the latest features. I have used Photoshop for @ 20 years, and i realize that could make me biased. But i do wonder why, since Lightroom and ACR are virtually alike now , .. why use Lightroom any more ? This is a sincere question ?

  9. Okay, can anyone explain to me why so many people still just use lightroom when photoshop/CameraRaw can do all the same stuff at this point? Besides preference, sticking to old ways, and aversion to taking time to learn slightly different controls I don't get why so many people start and stay in lightroom when you can do the exact same things in photoshop without leaving.

    Is it the sorting and grading? Is it the filing system and storing? Whenever I ask my friends, they just say "I like it more" (which is A-ok, no problem with comfort) or "photoshop isn't for this kind of editing"(which is not true).

    Why is Lightroom your go-to app? Honest question, don't be a butthead, it's not an argument. Just a question.

  10. great video and excellent explanation of what is possible now. I'm not sure I will be changing my workflow just yet, as I use Freq Sep quite alot, and I've had some issues using FS with smart layers. But still good to know what is possible

  11. Another missed opportunity on Adobe's part. Unfortunately, the edits you make to those raw layers (in ACR) do not update your raws in Lightroom (vice versa too). I'm thinking that very few people at Adobe actually know what LINKED smart objects are and how to use them.

  12. It wasn't clear to me how I recognize this complex object that I'm supposed to edit in Photoshop and not Lightroom when it's all done any suggestions on that. I can see myself coming back to this at a later time and not having any idea what to do with it

  13. I've been using Photoshop since 1994, but not in anywhere close to a full-time capacity, so there are features that have just passed me by without me having a chance to really understand them. Smart objects is a big one of those, but I'm thinking I really need to learn and understand them. I don't go into Photoshop that often because of hating to make later adjustments in LR on that TIFF file. This changes that quite a bit.

  14. Great stuff. Adobe should just put the two together already LR and PS so there no more bouncing back and forth. If bridge is as good or better than LR why not eliminate LR it just seems to be a messy order of things.

  15. Very useful information that can just be immediately applied. And, this workflow has the potential to be used in so many ways it makes my head spin. Ideas are just flooding in; LOL. Cheers! Stay Healthy and Stay Sane!

  16. For Windows users, since the Photoshop Version cannot be changed (drop down doesn't show any option except current version of PS) would adding the Beta version to the "Additional External Editor" preset work? 🤔

  17. I have PS 2023, PS Beta, and LRC version 12.3 on my PC, but in LRC I only see PS 2023 in the External Edit list of PS versions available. Is there something else I need to do? Thanks, in advance, Colin.

  18. Thanks for all of this information! I normally edit in Photoshop and Camera raw. Except for the cataloging of the images is there any other major reason to be using Lightroom?

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