FleX Rig Version 1.0 for Maya Tutorial Part 1




[music “Gipsy Danger” by Ramin Djawadi]
Here’s a tutorial on how to use my new character rig which I’ve been working on for about 4-5 months…
(It’s best if you watch this tutorial with headphones to hear exactly what I’m saying, as the sound isn’t the best)

Remember to please give me credit wherever you use this rig, and if you are using it for commercial uses please send me an email first outlining the basic details of your project. If it is appropriate then I will grant you permission to use the rig.

Special thanks to Digital Tutors, Josh Sobel (creator of the Bonnie Rig) and Josh Burton (creator of the Morpheus Rig) for all the help!

Don’t forget to send me a link to your work so that I can see my rig in action 😀

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Thanks, Enjoy my rig, and Happy Animating! 😀


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