FREE-AUTOMATIC Facial MoCap Shapekeys (Blender)

Creating 52 shape-keys can be a lot of work, but there is a way for you to automatically generate the shape-keys after you’ve rigged the face – Here is my FREE automatic shape-key workflow-!!

ArtStation Shapekey Generator Link:
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ArKit Apple iphone Shape-Key Official Documentation:
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Faceit Blender Addon:

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25 responses to “FREE-AUTOMATIC Facial MoCap Shapekeys (Blender)”

  1. Free ArtStation download link can be found here:

    Also, sometimes it's easier to just combine everything on the face like the eyes, brows, tongue, etc into a single object > and just apply the shape keys once instead of separately for each mesh. That's actually how I usually work with the face (being a single mesh at the end). And, as I said before, I'm not the best python programmer, but the code does work lol – If anyone has a cleaner or more efficient way to execute the code, definitely feel free to share it down below ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. You definitely need to spend some more time with FaceIt. It blew me off my seat and I use it all the time now.
    That said, free addons that do something very similar are very much appreciated ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Okay, so thoughts:
    I'm doing a lot with vrm's at the moment. Might not be your use case. But vrm's are consumed through programs like VseeFace and Vup. There are others, but those two are the most reliable for my use case, which happens to be vtubing…. until you start layering shape keys from different layers with the same name.

    Of course, from here, any sensible person would tell me, "Lynn, but this is why we have blendshape avatars in Unity," and you would be correct.

    But, Vup in particular flattens your shape keys, assuming that they're all individually named and unique.

    Got two EyeWideLeft where one of the layers is the eyelash only? Well, that's great, because the system will just… randomly pick the first one it sees, which is done alphabetically. So Brow.EyeWideLeft is going to be seen before Face.EyeWideLeft, and your model is toast.

    There's a language barrier when you're getting support from these programs, and something this specific will not translate for someone who's google translating your discord messages into Chinese. Trust me, I've been there. Nothing against anyone, but the consumer level language translation tools we have today SUCK.

    Anyway, I figured I needed a workaround, because learning Chinese is hard.

    And my workaround involved prepending the names of each shape key with the area of the face they exist in, or the name of the object, and the ones with the main names are not actually the individual components, but in fact mixes. Ta da! You're done. No need to learn Chinese to explain why the software you want to use doesn't work to the people that wrote it. You're done.

    But wait. See, because you're a reasonable person, you're sitting here and saying, "But Lynn, it's just one program that works this way! You crazy girl, you." And, if you didn't know the specifics of this, you would be right. But, you would be wrong because the source of the problem is a unity library someone wrote for Unity and posted on Github that translates FBX files and reads the shape keys as blendshapes, which I still contend are and should be considered different things (I'm writing a tretis on mixes, lol).

    Anyway, that library is used all over the place, it's in a lot of mocap software, not just VUP. And, as far as I can tell, it's one of only a handful of Unity libraries that cover the topic.
    If you're using Unity-based software to do your vtubing… you've got anywhere between a 30% and 50% chance of seeing it again!

    So, the solution is explicitly named shape keys for the layers they're on. Prefixed. Mixed to make the final ones, which you DO name this way. And bingo bango, you're compatible with everything. Everywhere. There's no program on earth that won't read your shape keys properly and shower them with love. And you can actually get some sleep at night, rather than finding ever crazier ways to rig your models (like I have ๐Ÿ™‚ ).

    Hope this helps somebody

  4. You are really awesome, i found your chanel like 2 months ago and you help me a lot with your videos, i'm just a teenager and i have no job or other thing to gain money, but when i have the money i will support you because you are the greatest

  5. i expanded your code into a plugin, it creates a action/animation on the selected rig then adds pose markers to the frames to be filled out, when you've done that, select all the objects you wana generate shape keys for………….nnnnnnnnn your done?

    i left a github link on my profile if anyone wants to try it or just look at the py file

  6. Faceit is such a terrible add-on. Rigify is okay, but for facial expression out of the box its sub-par. What i use now is Blendrig5.

    Since Blendrig hasnt been updated you have to be on Blender 2.82.7. Yeah, its complex and tutorial video by the guy who made it are trash. I commented on most videos, but you should set the rig up by following the Blendrig5 videos but dont use the mesh deform cage method. Use the basic rig

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