From Biking to Photography, My Memories With Danish Siddiqui | The Quint

Reuters Photojournalist Danish Siddiqui’s Death: Ahtesham Khan recounts his memories of biking and growing up with photojournalist Danish Siddiqui, who was killed on 16 July while covering a clash between Afghan forces and the Taliban in Afghanistan.
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42 responses to “From Biking to Photography, My Memories With Danish Siddiqui | The Quint”

  1. I think now Rajdeep Sardesai and Ravish Kumar should be sent to Afghanistan to interview the Taliban supremo. They can get exact picture about the stance of Taliban on These viruses. I was so sad after hearing the news that I ordered an Afghani pulao today and ate and cried the delicious 😋😋😋 pulao

  2. If you don't go to the extremes of your passion then you have definitely not lived your passion and such would be an evident betrayal towards your passion.

    And if you die while performing your duty and at the same time living your passion I don't think there could be any better death!!

  3. To all those people making fun of the journalist's death, if yeh Banda Muslim nahi Hindu hota toh Kya tum log aise hi bolte uske death keh bare.

    Todhi si bhi Sharm nahi hai in chutiyo ko.
    Note: I am without any Politics, I am just citizen Of India. So don't call me leftist or whatever.

    Waise bhi let's leave this whataboutism,
    Danish Siddiqui was a very good journalist. Don't see his religion, see his works and then Make fun of him.

  4. Leftists are conspicuous by the fact of not mentioning the killer of this journalist as though he died in a road accident..Ravish is angry at the bullet that killed him. This guy sold the images of the burning Hindu pyres to the West, robbing the dead of their dignity but nothing happened to him in India. Four days with Taliban and he is dead.

  5. Every one is going to die some day. The difference is that some will become just ashes and some live in the hearts of people forever. Danish will live in the hearts of people around the world forever.
    Rip hero

  6. I don't know why but it feels like a personal lost even though I never met him or followed his work. It's strange that a person's work can speak volumes about the kind of human he is. I pray for him and hope things get better for his family. Rest in power, Danish!

  7. कितना रंडी रोना रोओगे तुमलोग।
    इसका 1% कवरेज भी नही दिया था रोहित सरदाना के समय।
    Anyways may lord mahadev give peace to his soul.

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