From hobbyist to professional, new analyst papers, and more OpenStack news

Explore what’s happening this week in OpenStack, the open source cloud computing project.

OpenStack news

Are you interested in keeping track of what is happening in the open source cloud? is your source for news in OpenStack, the open source cloud infrastructure project.

OpenStack around the web

From news sites to developer blogs, there’s a lot being written about OpenStack every week. Here are a few highlights.

OpenStack discussions

OpenStack is developed out in the open, and many of the conversations shaping development can be found on the OpenStack developers mailing list. Here’s a sample of some of the popular threads this past week.

For more from the developer email list, check out the OpenStack Foundation’s digest of the OpenStack developers mailing list or Hugh Blemings’ Last week on OpenStack Dev.

OpenStack events

Meetups and OpenStack user group events are taking place across the globe every week, and chances are, there’s an event near you. Have a suggestion for an event to add to this list? Email us and let us know, or add it to our events calendar.

In addition to these in-person events, if you’re interested in following OpenStack development, a number of projects hold regular meetings on IRC.

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