Fujifilm GFX 50R Medium Format Versus Sony a7R II Full Frame: An Artistic Comparison

While these two cameras are different in a whole host of ways, they have similar strengths insofar as they’re both concerned with high resolution and for pixel peepers, it’s an interesting comparison. However, what’s more interesting — to me at least — is a real-world, artistic comparison; which produces more pleasing results?

This is a strangely appropriate video for me. I have been shooting with Sony cameras for several years now as my main bodies, but after a trip with Fujifilm for the launch of the GFX 100, where I used a GFX 50R for a lot of the trip pre-launch, I have been wrestling with the justification of a purchase of one. Ideally, I want both in my kit bag as they serve slightly different purposes for me, but there would be a lot of overlap where I would need to decide between the two.

In this video, landscape and cityscape photographer, Serge Ramelli, goes on a little outing with both cameras taking shots from the same vantage points. It isn’t a scientific test, nor did I want it to be. Sometimes there’s more value in seeing cameras working in the field and then the images edited, than a studio setting with eye charts and creepy dolls, and then examining it by zooming in at 200%. Those sort of tests have their place and can be valuable for putting a camera through its paces and investigating the veracity of the manufacturer’s specs!

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