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Gallery of open source project stickers

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A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the serious business of stickers in open source culture. I shared the Rules of Sticker Club, criteria stickers must meet to make it onto the limited space of a laptop. And I rounded up a list of 10 sticker tips for anyone thinking about designing and ordering stickers for their open source projects.

Then we polled Opensource.com readers to learn how many stickers they carry around on their laptops, and we learned that 46% of respondents walk around with no stickers at all. Yes, you read that right—people are walking around with naked laptops.

Dozens of readers replied to the hashtag #openstickers on Twitter to share their sticker rules and photos. This led to the gallery of open source project stickers you see below. And for those of you walking around with naked laptops: Feel free to download Opensource.com stickers (PDF CC BY-SA 4.0), print, and stick liberally to your hardware, longboards, cars, pencil cups, or other sticker-friendly surfaces.

Open source sticker gallery

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