• Thursday , 14 November 2019

GarageFarm.NET Render Farm 8GPU server – Playtime scene

Code Canyon

Cycles GPU rendered on the GarageFarm.NET Render Farm GPU rig (8x GeForce Titan with 21,000 CUDA cores)

We’ve teamed up with Reynante Martinez to give our newly built GPU beast a test run. Until now we only supported CPU rendering on our render farm but times are changing quickly and people are starting to experiment with GPU more. That makes perfect sense. As an artist you want to have more control over the final look of the render and, needless to say, real time preview gives you that control.

We ran a test on both CPU and GPU to see which one has the upper hand.
CPU server – Intel E5 – 2620v2 (2 CPU’s x 12 cores)
GPU server – 8x GeForce Titan with 6GB RAM (total of 21,000 CUDA cores)

CPU render time: 1h 29m
GPU render time: 4min 50sec

Clearly Titans have much more to say, at least in this example. Even on a single Titan the render time would’ve been about 40% shorter than on the CPU server with two CPU’s.

We used Blender 2.73 with Cycles at 1250 samples.

Scene by Reynante Martinez http://www.reynantemartinez.com
Music track Intrinsic by Hoffman

More info on how to start rendering with GarageFarm.NET at http://garagefarm.net/quick-start
You can open new account at https://garage.farm/?p=register


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