GIANT ROOTS! Photoshop Tutorial – GuideRunner EP6

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In this episode of GuideRunner I was keen to do some world building and create something that focused a little more on perspective and scale … with a pinch of dinosaur! #photoshop #digitalart #photomanipulation

Photoshop project settings: 5000 × 3000px @300dpi (6hrs to complete)


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Macbook Pro (16-inch 2019)
Wacom Intuos Pro medium
Elgato Wave 3 Microphone
Adobe After Effects 2021
Final Cut Pro X

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39 responses to “GIANT ROOTS! Photoshop Tutorial – GuideRunner EP6”

  1. How does the image go from regular to really insane quality right at the end, it seems like there is way more elements and lighting in the final image and it looks way sharper and more blended, how do you achieve that look?

  2. Another phenomenal piece! Would you ever consider doing a longer video? Like one where the work isn't sped up? I'd love to hear some thought processes on how you blend/choose colors. Especially how your end production progresses–I've noticed large post-production additions to color/textures/rim lighting/etc that usually only shows up in the final display piece at the end of the video. I'd love to watch how you add the final details!

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