Glitch Liquid (Melting) Text Effect: Photoshop Tutorial 2020

In this video I’ll be showing you how to create glitch liquid (melting) text effect: Photoshop tutorial 2020.

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#photoshop #liquid #melting #glitch #texteffect #typedesign #photoshoptutorial

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16 responses to “Glitch Liquid (Melting) Text Effect: Photoshop Tutorial 2020”

  1. that was so understandable and really cool thanks! but i really do wonder, do you really had to do all those color overlays vs? because in the end it felt like the colors were created with a gradient u use- the colorful one, and ofcourse i could understand some necessities of using different colors but at some points it felt like maybe some of them wouldnt be that necessary. is it? just asking to learn and understand ! : ) thank you

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