Hard Surface 3d Vehicle Modeling in Maya for Games – learn Design Tools


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Hard Surface 3d Vehicle Modeling in Maya for Games – learn Design Tools
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Learn the modeling process of building a complex tank vehicle inside of Maya!
Learn the modeling process for modeling this hard surface tank in Maya,Learn quick tips and modeling shortcuts to speed up your workflow!
Autodesk’s Maya,In this course, instructor Stephen Wells walks us through the initial modeling stages of this hard surface tank vehicle inside of Maya. Here he extrudes and subdivides both polygon primitives and custom polygonal shapes as he builds out the forms and shapes for the individual parts of this sci-fi tank model.,(Students – please look under Section 1 / Lecture 1 downloads for the source files associated with the lesson.),More about the Instructor:,Stephen Wells is an expert 3D modeler for characters, props, vehicles, weapons and environments and have created both high and low polygon assets for game productions. He has over 20 years experience in creating a variety of game assets for several different genres (fantasy, sci-fi, combat, superheroes, horror, etc) using 3ds Max, Maya, Photoshop, ZBrush, Mudbox, Topogun, and XNormal. As an enthusiastic instructor, he loves creating video tutorials on a wide variety of subjects to help students better their skillsets.,Beginner-to-Intermediate 3d artists looking to improve their workflow,Beginner-to-Intermediate 3d artists looking to improve their workflow


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