How I Edit and Retouch Fashion Portraits – Photoshop Tutorial

From retouching to color editing, I go through the process of post processing this portrait!

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50 responses to “How I Edit and Retouch Fashion Portraits – Photoshop Tutorial”

  1. Nice turorial, but that iso 1250 and 1/500s really bothered me for entire video. 🙂
    BTW, I know this is tutorial about editing, but I would like to see photographers to do more work before taking a picture, not only after. I mean, light her with real light (with warm color if you want her's face more warm in contrast with surrounding light) instead of retouching all shadows in face or when you see that your model has some skin defects which you think shouldn't be visible, you should just send her to fix her makeup, some of today photos are overretouched, also, some women look better with their skin defects. Postprocess is the most annoying thing about photographing for me, I have many photos like 5 years old and still in raw only because I am just too lazy to edit it. 🙂 People think that edit it is faster and simplier, but not really, they don't really realize how many tim it takes to edit 100 pictures in postprocess. That's why I deny doing it for money for someone, because they won't pay you enough and you just wasted your weekend and at the end, they say "I could do it with my phone too."

  2. The information you shared with me is greatly appreciated. My experience with many retouching tools has not been satisfactory over the years. I recently heard about autoRetouch, a superb AI-powered tool with the most features of any retouching program. What do you think of the tool?

  3. I simply tuned in because I know the amount of time and energy that one has to invest when using Photoshop. I would use it to make GIFs for Tumblr. And can I just say this was extremely satisfying to watch lol! I also appreciate how this had shed some tips on simple yet profound adjustments 💖👏🏽✨ I would hire you any day to do my photography

  4. I have always hated Photoshop for editing photos. I've been shooting for 6 years, doing work both in the professional and fine-art realm, and I've always stuck to Lightroom. The workflow is much more straightforward and simple in that program. But, after watching this video, I think I'll give it another shot. There are some great tools that are not present in Lightroom

  5. Thank you so much for the information. Recently, I have started using autoRetouch for photo editing. It is an AI powered photo editing platform. It is offering a one month free trial as well! Can you make a review on this?

  6. I come from video/video editing I recently started experimenting with photos and just yesterday tried photoshop, this helps but also I'm figuring out different techniques 🤘🏼

  7. I wanna see a tutorial with old people :3 Sometimes I take portraits of my family members and I'm super confused about what to do with their skin, since it's so different from the models that you always see on tutorials

  8. I honestly wish you did a better job describing WHY you do things. I have some knowledge so some made sense, some didn't. Some things were extra steps, or unnecessary. Also, I couldn't see your brush settings; but you have a separate tutorial i gotta go watch for that. I have done the filter separation, but I don't have a folder that preps it for me. That would be cool to have.

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