How to 3D Chrome Typeface Effect (+FREE PSD) | PHOTOSHOP TUTORIAL 2021

A compact photoshop tutorial of how I do the 3D chrome type effect. A convenient technique to learn that can be utilized on many platforms such as clothing/merch design.







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  1. ANSWERS about the PSD:
    ► You can edit the text by double-clicking on the "intuitive" layer. In the new window, you can change it and then hit command+s for the effects to apply.
    ► Font name is Killigrew I mentioned it clearly in the video at 0:57
    ► You can apply the effect to your own logo by dragging the effects layer of the "intuitive" layer to your logo layer. Make sure you convert your logo to smart object beforehand.

    DISCLAIMER: This tutorial is best suited for people with basic Photoshop skills. Total beginners will have to catch up 🙇‍♂️

  2. How can I edit the text? I cant do it because I'm not professional at using photoshop and I have a final exam in 4 days and I need to create a logo for my program so can anyone please create it for me?😭😭😭😭😭😭

  3. great video dude. very precise directions and application, my only complaint would be that you can move very fast. for someone new to photoshop it’s a bit hard to follow along so i had to rewind a lot, but nonetheless i learned a lot and achieved a cool design thanks to you!!

  4. why would you fast forward parts in a tutorial? I have years of experience just not with this and would've liked to know how I could do that text warp effect like how you did. Just something to think about, Otherwise it was a great tutorial!

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