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How to animate a Nebula with free Software (Blender 3D)

Code Canyon


Import Images as planes (ADDON):


Support blendernation: http://www.blendernation.com/support-blendernation/

Jump through the video:

Preparations: 0:30
Animating the camera: 2:30
Particles, Space Dust: 3:30
Particles, Halo Stars: 7:15
Compositing Preparations: 8:40
(easy) Compositing: 12:00
Vignette Compositing: 15:15
Letterboxing: 16:08
Rendering: 16:45
Results + Call to Action: 18:06
Part 2

Moonacious day everybody,

here’s the second part of our nebula series, music version

2 tutorial parts + 1 quick tips + your animated nebulas (cooperative blender reel)
[once there’s 6+ animations sent in to us]

Want to participate in the cooperative Nebula Blender Reel:
Send your finished nebula animation as a dropbox file to jsteidele@yahoo.com , or simply show your video links on our website. (Video will be non profit/ without commercial overlay)

MoonManPictures Website: http://moonman-pictures.weebly.com/blog

All Textures are available here:

If you have anything you want a tutorial about, or a job to do, you may send me an email with your request: jsteidele@yahoo.com

More nebula textures and other incredible stuff: http://hubblesite.org

Hope you like it, have fun learning

So long,
The MoonMan
Music is Youtube Content

Support MMP: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=MoonManPictures

MMP on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/MoonMan-Pictures/518103148311676


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