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How to Convert a 2D Image Into a 3D Model

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Many people want an answer to the simple question, how can they convert their image into a 3D model? Everyone knows the general concepts of 3D modeling, but in this article, readers will learn about creating 3D models by converting different images.

In 3D modeling, 3D computer graphics are used to create a three-dimensional surface of an object. It is represented through a model by using different software of computer graphics. The products of these graphics are known as 3D models.

The utilization of computer software to create a three dimensional image or model is known as 3D modeling. There are different software available on the internet, which are used to create a 3D model. 3DS Max, Maya, Softimage etc. are very popular 3D modeling software and animation tools. These tools can be utilized by a 3D artist to convert a simple object, image or model into a 3D representation. 3D movies are also made through the same techniques.

A 2D image can be easily converted into a 3D image by using CAD program. To make a 3D model, make a graphic file of the image in a specific format such as JPEG, BMP or PNG. After this, open the CAD program and change the file measurements according to the image like 1260 by 1430 pixels and plane of the same measurements. With the help of program editor, select the material slot and apply it to the image in the plane. Now, make another plane with the size equal to the first plane. Apply the cut tools from the program to outline the 2D image. New edges can be given to the 2D image from the outlines. Stretch the 2D image to 3D model by running the extrusion tool of the program and you will get a 3D model. For giving more details to your 3D models, you can select a cutting tool from the same software or program and run it on your 3D model. You can smooth the model to give it a livelier look.

3D models are important in every field, but they are exclusively important in the field of Architecture. Architects can foresee the proper image of the building on the computer through this technology. You can view the 3D image from every angle and consider the minor details of the model. 3D modeling is a perfect technique to reduce the possibility of any error in the design of your ideas.

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